Philosophy, Web Development & Craftmanship?

John stays relevant as he utilizes techonology, derived from Greek word Techne (τέχνη), is conceptually a combination of philosophy and a particular use of technology, in this case web development and UI/UX design.

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  • John Vicencio Web Development with DIS Web Developer

    Disability Insurance Services, Feb 2016 — Present
    Full-time. Design, create, modify DIS web sites and applications. Analyze UI/UX needs to implement web content, graphics, performance, and capacity. Support integration between web-based applications and other external applications. Convert written, graphic, audio, and video components to compatible web formats by using software designed to facilitate the creation of web and multimedia content. Worked as Data Management Systems Coordinator at Disability Insurance Services since 2002.

  • John Vicencio Founder at MythosNetwork Founder

    MythosNetwork, May 2017 — Present
    MythosNetwork focuses on increasing customer visits to your business through local SEO (targeted) strategy. Over 90% of customers search online with local intent. About 50% of local business searches are done on mobile phones by customers, who visit them a few days after to purchase products/services.

  • John Vicencio MythosLife Founder Web Development Services Web Developer

    MythosLife, October 2014 — Present
    Worked on web development projects on the side in 2014 (MythosLife started as technology blog website in 2007). Duties include marketing, proposals, front-end development, back-end development, domain purchase, web host set-up and coordinated logo design and put together marketing materials like brochure or postcards if needed. Focused on UI/UX through-out the web development life cycle.

  • John Vicencio Saffron & Sage Web Director Web Director

    Saffron & Sage, April 2016 — October 2016
    Part-time. Responsible for the technological and web UI/UX needs of the company. Work directly with the CEO. Analyze tech issues, recommends solutions, implements technologies as needed and assists with all technology needs. Help out on web host, MailChimp, Squarespace, Mind Body and Shopify settings and others like Analytics and Google Apps.

  • John Vicencio Work at DIS Data Management Systems Coordinator

    Disability Insurance Services, September 2002 — February 2016
    Worked with CEO, Executives and Managers; helped with e-marketing campaigns; controlled and maintained IT inventory; researched, requested, and recommended IT equipments and services; helped with reports and some queries using SQL; maintained websites (webmaster).

  • John Vicencio MythosLife Founded Technology Columnist

    MythosLife, January 2007 — October 2015
    Founded MythosLife as a technology blogger in 2007 until October 2014. Wrote anything about technology including smartphone updates including (but not limited to) industry trends, Android news, open-source versus closed systems, innovations, and patents.

  • picture_in_picture Underwriting Assistant

    London American General Agency, 2001 — 2002
    Assisted on researching Property Casualty rates. Proofread documentations that the underwriters processed.

  • John Vicencio Computer Trainer at SDSU Computer Trainer

    San Diego State University, 1994 — 1999
    Taught undergrad business and liberal arts students on Microsoft Office applications; helped students with their Excel assignments including formulas and formats.

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Philosphy is the systematic study of the fundamental nature of knowledge and reality.

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Functional and dynamic website development from UI design (HTML5, CSS3), web programming (PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, C#), and UX research (architectual design pattern, user experience).

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UI focuses on the design of the visual that maximizes intuitive experience from user, UX.

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